Sunny Side Up


Cheese Omelet

Hard Boiled




Steamed Rice

Garlic Rice


Italian Sausage

Carmelence Beef Tapa

Corned Beef

Pork Tocino

Boneless Bangus


Garlic Longganisa




SOUP (Good for 2-3 Persons)

Bulalo (P 550.00) – “Beef shanks combined with vegetables”

Sinigang na Bangus Belly (P 380.00) – “Bangus belly with vegetables in a spicy sour broth”

Sinigang na Baboy (P 420.00) – “Pork stew characterized by its sour and savory taste”


VEGETABLES (Good for 2-3 persons)

Adobong Kangkong with Tokwa (P 220.00) – “River spinach and tofu cooked in soy sauce topped with toasted garlic”

Chopsuey (P 280.00) – “Oriented dish with a colorful blend of assorted vegetables, chicken liver and oyster sauce”

Tortang Talong (P 230.00) – “Eggplant omelet”

Pinakbet con Lechon (P 280.00) – “A dish composed of mixed vegetables with shrimp paste and chopped crispy deep fried pork belly on top.”


MAINS (Good for 2-3 Persons)

Fried Chicken (Whole - P 450.00 or Half - P 330.00)

Fried Tilapia (P 230.00)

Chicken and/or Pork Adobo (P 400.00)– “Marinated (chicken and pork) cooked in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic”

Sweet and Sour Fish (P 330.00) – “Crispy fried fish in a more customized version of sweet and sour sauce made of sugar, tomato sauce, and white vinegar, and additional ingredients including green and red bell peppers and pineapple”

Binagoongang Baboy (P 400.00) – “Pork in fermented shrimp paste”

Lechon Kawali (P 350.00)– “Crispy pork belly deep-fried in a pan or wok”

Cripy Pata -Family Size (3-5 pax) (P 950.00) – “Deep fried pig trotters or knuckles served with a soy-vinegar dip”

Pan Grilled Liempo (P 450.00) – “Sliced pork belly marinated in lemon, fish sauce and garlic mixture and then grilled to perfection”

Sizzling Bangus Steak (P 450.00) – “SlOne whole boneless bangus Marinated in garlic, pepper, salt, and calamansi sprinkled with fried garlic and chopped spring onion and fried slices of tofu on the side”

Crispy Tawilis (P 250.00) - "Endemic to Taal Lake, fresh water fish, tawilis, deep fry untilcrispy, can be eaten in its entirely"



Steamed Rice (P 40.00)

Garlic Rice (P 50.00)

Bagoong Rice (Good for 4 pax) (P 250.00)


NOODLES (Good for 2-3 Persons)

Pancit Mixed (P 320.00)

Pancit Canton (P 290.00)

Pancit Bihon (P 290.00)



Freshly Brewed Coffee (P 70.00)

Orange Juice (P 70.00)



Leche Flan (P 260.00)


*All items are VAT Inclusive

*A 10% Service Charge will be added